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BTU Air Conditioner Chart Based On Room Size

Room Size BTU’s Needed Room Size BTU’s Needed
150 sq. ft.
5,000 BTU’s
700 sq. ft.
14,000 BTU’s
250 sq. ft.
6,000 BTU’s
1,000 sq. ft.
18,000 BTU’s
300 sq. ft.
7,000 BTU’s
1,200 sq. ft.
21,000 BTU’s
350 sq. ft.
8,000 BTU’s
1,400 sq. ft.
23,000 BTU’s
400 sq. ft.
9,000 BTU’s
1,600 sq. ft.
25,000 BTU’s
450 sq. ft.
10,000 BTU’s
1,900 sq. ft.
28,000 BTU’s
550 sq. ft.
12,000 BTU’s
2,700 sq. ft.
36,000 BTU’s

Latest Reviewed BTU Air Conditioners

British Thermal Unit BTU

BTU stands for British thermal unit which measures the amount of energy produced by the unit and it is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound (0.453592 Kg) of water by one degree Fahrenheit (-17.2222 Celcius) at sea level. The higher a BTU is, the more energy it will produce.

A smaller room requires lower BTU rating. On the other hand, a very large room requires high BTU rating.

How to choose perfect BTU for Air Conditioner

First, we need to find the area of room (size) and check what BTU’s needed from above standard BTU chart.

Area of Rectangle example
Area of Square example
Area of triangle example

Area of rectangle room in square feet
= Width × Height square feet

Multiply the length by the width

Area of square room in square feet
= side × side
Multiply the length of one side by itself

Area of triangle room in square feet
= 0.5 × base × height square feet

One half of base times height

How to Figure most accurate BTUs for Air Conditioner

Ceiling Height

Standard ceiling height is 8-foot.
If height is higher than 8 feet,BTU should be increased


If room location is direct contact with sun’s light, BTU should be increased by
10 percent.


If room location is shaded during the day, BTU should be increased by
10 percent.


Above chart is for two person.
If it is permanently increased, 600 BTUs should be increased per person.


4000 BTU should be increased if you install it in a kitchen.

The energy efficiency rating (EER)

The EER rating is the ratio of British thermal units (BTU) per hour to Electricity consumed in wattage.

Example 1

A 10,000-BTU portable air conditioner consumes 1,100 watts, so its (EER) is 9.09 (10,000 BTU/1,100 watts).

Example 2

A 10,000-BTU portable air conditioner consumes 2,200 watts, so its (EER) is 4.54 (10,000 BTU/2,200 watts).

The higher the (EER) is, the more efficient and productive the air conditioning unit is. However, a higher (EER) is usually come up with meaning at a higher price.

Higher EER rating products can save consumers money in the long duration.  Big companies and factories can save a huge amount in a short period if they use higher ERP rating products. 

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