I’m Manako founder of BTU Air Conditioner Blog & I’m exploring the digital world at the age of 96.

I’m an Indian American woman & Worked as a Chief Product Officer.

I filter through thousands of air conditioner to provide you with the best possible purchase. I focus on only the best things.

I have two members ( I & my Grandson) in my family.

He lives in India for a while & he also supports me in blogging & product reviews.

He was a product specialist but now he owns a business.

He motivated me to learn computer and always tell me to show your life experience.

I’ve been in the product industry for most of my life.

My friends and relatives pointed out that there wasn’t enough information available online for the average person trying to find the right air conditioner.

I thought, “I could write about air conditioners in a not-too-techy way.”

So now I’m working with my grandson  to make a great resource for people trying to get more information about air conditioners.

The goal of https://www.btuairconditioner.com is to make sure that, instead of wasting time on stressful searching and end up having mediocre products, consumers can go through my articles as a shortcut, become decisive, and get ready to buy the right products for themselves.

Fulfilling my mission means bringing you the best content I can.

My reviews are unbiased product representations that tell the real story of whether an Air Condition is reliable or not.

Each article contains 10 Air Conditioner product reviews.

You can be assured that these are the best of the best.

No matter what you might be searching for, BTU Air Condition should be your first stop.

My site includes a wide variety of content, which includes: reviews, articles, opinions, news, tips and general buying advice.

I should tell you that there are links to Amazon and ads in a few places throughout the site and I make a small percentage if you buy through our links but at no extra cost to you.

I try to pay for the hosting and all through those ads and amazon links.

When you click an amazon link and then buy an air conditioner, I get a few dollars to continue running the site. I appreciate this indirect way of you supporting our work.

Thank you all for visiting BTU Air Conditioner Blog
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